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Video Wall Processor - ThinPC

Video Wall Processor

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Video Wall Processor

  • Convert USB/ VGA and CVBS to 4 HDMI outputs
  • Sub-title scrolling function
  • More than 10 different operation languages to choose
  • Support remote control
  • Front buttons faster sources switching
  • Mirror function
  • Supports 2X2, 1X4, 4X1 and so on splicing
Model No. Video Wall Processor
Input USB.0: Supports sub-title function, supports ".mkv" format video
VGA+3.5mm : Supports 1920x2080/60HZ and below
CVBS : Supports PAL,NTSC
HDMI : Supports 1080P and below 1080P
Output 3.5mm Audio : de-embedded from the HDMI or 3.5mm VGA Audio input
HDMI : Up to 1080P.Depends on the sources input
Mirror function Can realize the image 180 degree rotate
Controlling Remote control, DIP switch, front buttons
Language Support more than 10 Language to choose
Input voltage 100VAC ~ 260VAC, 50/60 Hz, DC 5V power adapter
Rack mounted Come with a pair of rack ears
Operating Temperature 0° C~40 °C/32 °F~104 °F
Storage Temperature -20 °C~60 °C/-4 °F~140 °F
Dimension (W x D x H) 150mm x 440mm x 44mm
Weight 2Kg
GST Tax All inclusive
Courier Charges All inclusive
Qty Price Call us
Warranty 1 year Warranty


Back Panel

DC DC Input 5V/4A
IR IR input No use.
RS232 RS232 input No use, only support remote and front buttons control
USB USB input Supports most of the Video and Audio format
INPUT HDMI input Supports 1920x1080/ 60Hz
VGA input VGA input
VGA Audio input VGA audio input
Audio out Audio output Audio output, supports turn up and down the volume
OUTPUT HDMI output 4 Supports 1920x1080/ 60Hz
HDMI output 3 Supports 1920x1080/ 60Hz
HDMI output 2 Supports 1920x1080/ 60Hz
HDMI output 1 Supports 1920x1080/ 60Hz

Front panel

SEL 0 Input indicator Light on, input connection successfully
SEL1 HDMI output 1 indicator Light on, HDMI 1 have been selected
SEL2 HDMI output 2 indicator Light on, HDMI 2 have been selected
SEL3 HDMI output 3 indicator Light on, HDMI 3 have been selected
SEL4 HDMI output 4 indicator Light on, HDMI 4 have been selected
OUT1 HDMI 1 output indicator Light on, HDMI 1 output is connected
OUT2 HDMI 2 output indicator Light on, HDMI 2 output is connected
OUT3 HDMI 3 output indicator Light on, HDMI 3 output is connected
OUT4 HDMI 4 output indicator Light on, HDMI 4 output is connected
MENU Menu button Press this buttons to set up
SOURCE Source button To switch the input sources(USB/ VGA/ CVBS/ HDMI)
UP Up button Up direction button
DOWN Down button Down direction button
RIGHT Right button To choose the right items
LEFT Left button To choose the left items
OK On button To display the input info
IR IR receiver IR receiver to work with the remote control
RST Reset Press for 1 second to back to factory mode

Remote control

Button functions

Item Function
1 Press 1 to set up the output 1
2 Press 2 to set up the output 2
3 Press 3 to set up the output 3
4 Press 4 to set up the output 4
0 Press 0 to set up the input
Vol- Turn down the Audio
Vol+ Turn up the Audio
INPUT Exchange the inputs sources

Splicing introduction

First: Press number 1, the indicator of ront panel “SEL 1” will light up
Second:Press “MENU” button, shows as following:

Third:Select splicing setup, enter will show:

Last step: According to how many TVs to set up the Horizontal and Vertical No. If there are 4 TVs as 2x2 installation. Then users only need to set up Horizontal No. as 2 and Vertical No. As 2
Panel No.: According to real TVs’ number and set up
Panel SW: On: To show Panel No. on the screen. Off: To turn off the Panel No.
PJ SW: Off : To back to 4 TVs showing 4 same pictures;
On: To splice the image across 4 TVs

Splitter Mode


Splice one picture on 4 TVs

Note: Users need to set up every outputs with the same way to set up output 1. Before setting channel 2, need to press “1” again to turn off “SEL1”. And press “2” to turn on “SEL2”

DIP Switch

This provides users a very convenient and faster way to put 1image across 4 TVs or back to splitter mode

Subtitle function

Save sub-title words name as “ARICH.TXT” in a USB driver, the plug the USB drive to the USB port, turn on the Video Processor. Press number “0” on the remote control. Then follow below steps: MENU--ROLL TET-- OK, users also can adjust the word size, color, background and the rolling speed.

Supports different installations

1x4(Horizontal 1 and vertical 4):

Put the TVs in vertical:

4x1(Horizontal 4 and vertical 1):

(Horizontal 2 and vertical 2):




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