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AOC 15.6 LED with 5 Wire Resistive Touch - ThinPC

AOC 15.6 LED with 5 Wire Resistive Touch

Rs. 12,500.00

AOC E1670SWU 15.6 Led with 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Monitor
Please Note : We convert LED monitor into touch screen.

Touch Screen Details :

Introduction of 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen:

ThinPC 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen is of the most extensive application. It works by any kinds of physical touches, such as finger, gloved hand, rubber, etc. It is liquid resistance and contamination proof and even works in bad environment such as foul, dirt, greasiness, etc. 
ThinPC 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen supports USB interfaces for LCD flat display: 15.6".

5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Benefits: 

  • Long lifetime (almost ten times of 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen) 
  • Finger, gloved hand and stylus activation 
  • Contaminant proof and liquid resistance 
  • High accuracy and durability 
  • High resolution and sensitivity 

5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Working Principle: 

The 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen is a two layer structure
  1. ITO glass substrate with one side uniform resistive ITO coating. 
  2. A very thick polyester ITO film is tightly suspended over the top of ITO glass substrate. This ITO film has a hard, durable coating on the outer side, on an inner side with ITO coating.
  3. The ITO glass and the ITO film is separated by printed small, transparent insulation spacer dots


When the screen is touched, it pushes the ITO film to have an electrical contact with ITO glass (both on the ITO coating side). It then produces a voltage which is the analog representation of the position touched.

 The 5 wire touch screen controller is always ready for a touch, and the resistive layer of touch screen is biased at +5V through 4 drive lines on the glass (ITO coating side) and the ITO film is grounded through a high resistance. When there is no touch on the screen, the voltage is zero on the ITO film. The voltage level of the ITO film is analog - to - digital converter (A/D converter) and monitored by the microprocessor on the controller.

   When the screen is touched, the microprocessor detects the voltage rise in the ITO film and begins to convert the coordinates. The microprocessor places the X drive voltage by applying +5V voltage to pins H, X and grounding pins Y and L. The analog voltage is proportional to the X position (horizontal) of the touch point and appears on the ITO film at pin S of the touch screen tail's connector. This voltage is digitized by the A/D converter and transmitted to the computer.


 In same process, the microprocessor places the Y drive voltage by the same +5V to pins H, Y and ground pins X and L. The analog voltage is proportional to the Y position (vertical) of touch point and appears on the ITO film at pin S of the touch screen tail's connector. The signal is converted and processed same as for the X position.

The controller will receive all data to calculate the touched position according to pre-established modes for the exact X and Y coordinates. 


  • 5 Wire Resistive touch screen is with the most extensive applications.
  • Point-of-Sale uses: convenience store, movie theater, lottery terminal, fast food, etc. 
  • Industrial uses: Automated testing, automation equipment, man。machine interface, etc.
  • Medical uses: medical instrument, research equipment and patient monitoring system.
  • Transportation uses: Inner vehicle control panel.
15 inch 5 wire Resistive touch screen:
  • Can withstand more than 35,000,000 point
  • 4096x4096 Resolution
  • USB or RS232 Interface
  • High accuracy and sensitivity
  • Glass + Film Material
  • Finger, gloved hand and touch pen activation
  • Adapt to adverse environmental conditions such as liquid splashes and wash down
  • Our products have passed CE, FCC, ROHS certification!
Brand AOC
Model Name E1670SWU
Screen Size 15.6"
Pixel Pitch 0.252
Display Area 344.232 (H) × 193.536 (V)mm
Brightness 200 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 500:1 (Typical) 20,000,000:1 (DCR)
Smart Response 16ms
Viewing Angle 90/50
Scan Frequency 30-60KHz/ 50-63Hz
Recommended Resolution 1368 x 768@60Hz
Display Colours 262K
Input Signal Analog
Power Supply Build- in
Power Consumption 7W
Speakers N/A
Safety & Regulations N/A
Wall-Mount N/A
Cabinet Colour Black
Mechanical Function N/A
W×H×D (w/base) mm 370.7x298.6x142.8
W×H×D (package) mm 423x304x106
Weight (Net/Gross) kg 0.87/1.5
Interface Type:  USB or RS232
Resolution  4096x4096
Screen Ratio 4:3/16:10
Material   Glass + Film
Certificates  CE, FCC, RoHS
Input method  Finger or touch pen
Position accuracy  2~5mm
Operating Voltage  DC ≤ 10V
Operating current  5~25mA
Response time  Less than 10ms
Touch action force  20~100g
Operating temperature  -10°C~60°C
Storage temperature  -20°C~70°C
Surface hardness  3H
Working environment  Under sunlight, indoor and outdoor
Transparency  ≥80%
Isolation resistance  ≥20MΩ DC 25V
X.Y resistance  30Ω~350Ω according to the size
Linearity  ≤2%
The number of hits  ≥35,000,000/point
Support Systems  Windows 2000/Windows XP/Win 7/ Win 8/Windows NT/Linux/Mac

Warranty :  1 year Carry In Mumbai Service Center Warranty / No Warranty for burn and damage.



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