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Dell 21.5" led with 5 wire touch.

Dell 21.5" led with 5 wire touch.

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Dell S2216H 21.5" IPS LED 1080p Full HD Monitor with 5 wire Resistive touch screen 

Please Note : We convert dell  led monitor into touch screen 

5 Wire Resistive touch screen technology

5 wire resistive touch screen is a two-layer structure, two materials (film or glass) with ITO are attached with a gap between them so that the ITO layers are facing each other. Touch input will be made as the top layer is pressed down and the two ITO layers contact. There are insulators called spacing dots between the top and bottom ITO layers. These spacing dots prevent unintended contacts (inputs) of the ITO layers when not pressed.

When the top ITO film is pressed and makes contact with the bottom glass, the contacted area will be detected via electrical conduction. The notable characteristic of 5 wire resistive is that only the bottom glass has detecting function. Even if the top ITO film is damaged, the detecting function will not be affected (except for the damaged area).

21.5 inch 5 wire Resistive touch screen:

Can withstand more than 35,000,000 point
4096x4096 Resolution
USB or RS232 Interface
High accuracy and sensitivity
Glass + Film Material
Finger, gloved hand and touch pen activation
Adapt to adverse environmental conditions such as liquid splashes and wash down.

Product Specification:

 Interface Type:  USB or RS232
 Resolution  4096x4096
 Screen Ratio 16:9
 Material   Glass + Film
 Certificates  CE, FCC, RoHS
 Input method  Finger or touch pen
 Position accuracy  2~5mm
 Operating Voltage  DC ≤ 10V
 Operating current  5~25mA
 Response time  Less than 10ms
 Touch action force  20~100g
 Operating temperature  -10°C~60°C
 Storage temperature  -20°C~70°C
 Surface hardness  3H
 Working environment  Under sunlight, indoor and outdoor
 Transparency  ≥80%
 Isolation resistance  ≥20MΩ DC 25V
 X.Y resistance  30Ω~350Ω according to the size
 Linearity  ≤2%
 The number of hits  ≥35,000,000/point
 Warranty  1 year
  Support Systems  Windows 2000/Windows XP/Win 7/ Win 8/Windows NT/Linux/Mac




Warranty :  1 year Carry In Mumbai Service Center Warranty / No Warranty for burn and damage. 

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