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Tijori-01 (Backup + NAS + FTP Server + Cloud Backup Optional)

Tijori-01 (Backup + NAS + FTP Server + Cloud Backup Optional)

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Tijori - 01

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Tijori-01 (Backup + NAS + FTP Server + Cloud Backup Optional)
Plug “n” Play Complete Backup Appliance powered with Crashplan Backup application + NAS & FTP Server.

Tijori-01 Product Features

  • Very small device with 1 TB Hard Disk (option of 2TB Hard Disk available).
  • Crashplan 5 User license backup application for Laptop & Desktop.
  • NAS Features to access the data in your laptop, desktop & Smartphone locally.
  • Support DHCP Server & can work as DSL Router & 4 port LAN Switch.
  • Access your data using the FTP Server option from anywhere in world. You need to have static IP address to access the data from anywhere.
  • LAN & Wifi Connection to connect your existing network infrastructure.
  • Manage Settings of your Tijori from your Smartphone or from any browser.

Warranty :  3 year Carry in to Mumbai Service Center / No Warranty for burn and damage.

Tijori-01 Backup Application Features:

In terms of Backup it is powered with Crashplan Proe Application. Crashplan application is developed by code42 company who is the leader in backup application technology. There application already used by the big brands like Apple, Adobe, Expedia, Uber, Sandisk, Zyanga, National Geographic & many more…..

The Tijori Firmware is based on Linux. Designed for continuously take the backup of data automatically & also sync the data silently in background. it has the power of CrashPlan Software. You just need to install the CrashPlan Backup Client on your windows, linux & Mac PC you can do backup of all your Windows / Linux / Mac PC folders to the destination as a Tijori.

You can do the selection of folder according to your needs. All the Data will be Backed up & synced automatically in Tijori.

The Faster, Easier Tijori for Your Network
The Tijori was designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the best ever experience for backup. From the moment you plug it in and it is instantly accessible on your network, you'll know there's nothing like it. The Tijori is perfect for any home, office, or any organisation needing a simple, safe backing up data over the network. Not only is Tijori fast, but it's easy-to-use, expandable, flexible, and protected—exactly what's expected from a Tijori.

Protect Data Continuously, Invisibly and Easily
CrashPlan PROe runs silently in the background, continuously protecting the critical business data stored on endpoints. There’s no need for end users to change their work habits—PROe backs up data automatically, without any user effort or intervention required. Enterprises using CrashPlan PROe enjoy significant productivity gains; it empowers a single admin to easily support the backup needs of thousands of users, while enabling end users to quickly and easily restore data on their own.

The ultimate in cross-platform performance and security
CrashPlan PROe’s cross-platform support ensures no computer and no department is left unprotected. End-to-end security means data encrypted at the source remains encrypted throughout transit and storage. And PROe’s performance is unmatched due to innovative compression, load balancing, byte differential data de-duplication and multi-threading technologies.

You choose where your data is stored
CrashPlan PROe lets enterprises decide where their data is stored. Use private cloud for total control of data or public cloud for global, on-demand access. Either way, rest easy knowing data is both secure and accessible.

Many features to love
Multi-Destination Backup … Data Security … Data De-Duplication … Unlimited Backups … Customizable Backup Sets … Data Seeding … Real-Time Reporting … Storage Management … Single Sign-On … Controlled Client Upgrades … Customizable Installers … Flexible File Selection … Mobile Data Access...

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