POS Software

Posibolt ERP is a powerful, cloud-based business process management solution that enables Trading and Distribution organizations better manage their core business functions. Our comprehensive platform enables businesses to improve productivity, stock more efficiently and excel in managing core functions like 

sales, purchase, replenishment, inventory control, distribution & finance.

Key Features based on Industry

Bakery and Restaurant
  • Live Dashboard

  • Advance Booking and Delivery

  • Shelf Life Management

  • Theft Control

  • Centralized Branch Control

  • Central Kitchen Management

  • KOT and Table Management

  • Instant Mobile Billing Terminals

  • Recipe Management

  • Works Offline and Online

  • VAT/GST Compliance

  • Van Sales Management

  • CRM, Loyalty Management

  • Integrated Accounting, HR and Payroll Module

Footwear and Garments
  • Matrix Inventory (Color, Size, Material etc) Management

  • Easy Cut Size Management

  • Centralized Branch Control

  • Stock Take, Receiving goods, Billing through Mobile

  • CRM, Offers, Gift Vouchers, Loyalty Management

  • Integrated Accounting, HR and Payroll Module

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Seasonal and outlet specific promotions

  • Calculate commissions for salespersons

Retail and Supermarkets
  • Manage entire chain stores from one place

  • On-premises, in the cloud, or in a mixed setup

  • Fast checkout and mobile POS

  • Add New Stores instantly

  • Track and Trace each movement of Stock and Accounts

  • Bundled Pricing, Promo Codes, Mix and Match

  • Approval, Alerts and SMS Management

  • Integrated Accounting, HR and Payroll, Asset Modules.

Wholesale and Van sales
  • Multiple Price List Management.

  • Order taking, Billing, Credit Settlement on mobile and Web.

  • Reserving of stock by salesman

  • Automated Purchase Order

  • Salesman wise performance Analytics

  • Quantity based discounts, Reward on Total and Custom Promotions.

  • Integrated Accounting, HR and Payroll Module