TPC 6 Linux OS Details

The TPC 6 Linux operating system was developed specifically for its industry-leading range of thin-client systems. TPC 6 Linux features a user-friendly design together with flexibility, connectivity, security and multimedia capabilities. 

TPC 6 Linux incorporates an efficient modular component upgrade capability for both the operating system and installed applications ­– and user-friendly, ‘zero touch’ INI file remote-configuration technology.

TPC 6 Linux allows easy connection to servers using popular protocols and tools, including the Citrix Receiver with StoreFront, VMware Horizon View, Microsoft RDP 8, 2X and NX – to name but a few.

Other features include

  • Quick boot times.
  • User snapshots – revert to user-defined configurations.
  • Peer update – follow master and update all machines in the network.
  • USB device manager – manage USB devices by vendor, product ID, make and model.
  • Repository manager – easily add, remove and update protocols and applications.
  • Firewall – restrict by IP, ports and URLs.
  • Crontab – execute pre-defined tasks at a particular time and/or interval.
  • Digital certificate manager.
  • AD, LDAP and local user authentication.
  • Single sign-on support.
  • Appliance mode – use only assigned protocols and/or applications.
  • Modular user access control – restrict usage of advanced functionality by user.
  • Restore factory settings, without disturbing connection-related configurations.
  • Services – CUPS, LPD, SAMBA, FCron, SNMPd, VNC, SMB, IPP, LPD and JetDirect printing with PrintQueue management – devices can also act as print servers using the JetDirect mechanism.
  • Fail-over, multi-session and ending option for connections.
  • Custom partitioning option to utilise unused storage.
  • Custom scripts and environment variables.
  • Support for locally attached USB scanners.
  • Run limited Windows applications, using Wine.
  • JavaWebStart and JavaNetworkLaunchProtocol support.
  • Tool for recording, saving and playback of audio and video.
  • Tightly managed by UDM Premium option.