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Innodisk EDC 2 GB | Industrial 44 pin

Innodisk EDC 2 GB | Industrial 44 pin

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Innodisk EDC 4000 Horizontal - Industrial 44 pin IDE SLC SSD
2GB , up to 40MB/s Read, up to 28MB/s Write


Innodisk’s horizontal EDC 4000 fits into any platform with an IDE connector and provides a simple, fast path upgrade. Designed for industrial embedded applications that require a speedy booting process, the EDC 4000 upgrades the working environment efficiently and enhances data transfer rates with read and write performances of up to 40MB and 20MB per second respectively. The horizontal EDC 4000 comes in 1GB and is available in 44-pin horizontal connector packages.

Key Features

  • Industrial 44pin IDE SLC SSD
  • 2GB capacities
  • 44pin interface, 3.3V or 5.0V powered
  • Up to 40MB/sec read, 28MB/sec write
  • 55 mm x 32.4 mm
  • 0C to +70C or -40C to +85C versions

Storage Specification

Model Info EDC 4000 Horizontal
Flash Type SLC
Connector 44 pin (2mm pitch) female or male connector
Capacity 2GB
Channels 2
Performance Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.): 40 / 28
H/W Write Protect Yes
ATA Security Yes
Data Security Not supported


Electrical +3.3V or +5V DC ± 5%    |    Read: 125 mA    |    Write: 120 mA    |    Idle: 1.3 mA
Mechanical 44 pin: 48 x 32.6 x H mm    |    (H: A=7, B=7.2, C=10, D=9.9, E=12.9, F=12.9)    |    H refers to the connector - refer to the datasheet for pictures
Temperature Operating: Standard Grade: 0C to +70C    |    Operating: Industrial Grade: -40C to +85C    |    Storage: -55 to +95°C
Vibration 20G@7~2000Hz
Shock 1500G@0.5ms
MTBF >3 million hours
Warranty 1 year Carry In Mumbai Service Center Warranty
No Warranty for burn and damage.
Upload Date Title Download
06-01-2024 Innodisk EDC 2 GB

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